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Pinkathon Day in October!

The message of Pinkathon is clear. Women, we need you. Your families need you, and not just your children, but your society, your country needs you. In the words of Bishop Tutu and countless wise men before and since, “If we are going to see real development in the world then our best investment is WOMEN!”

The need of this hour and this time, is for women to come together as a community to drive positivity in progress and good health for all, starting with THEMSELVES! In a country like ours, with a culture that has no tradition of sports for all, or exercise or of healthy lifestyle practises, change is needed and women are the key to that change.

Pinkathon started out as a running event but is now a grassroot movement, with people across the country taking up the cause and spreading the message.

Using COMMUNITY RUNNING as a tool, the Pinkathon and it's Ambassadors have empowered and enabled thousands of women across India to bring positive change into their lives. By understanding that by PRIORITISING a little bit of time for themselves every day they can bring about change in physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Change in understanding the value they bring to their families and society, and respecting that value. Bringing change to the future of their families by INSPIRING BY EXAMPLE. Bringing the concept of health into every aspect of their lives. Making physical, mental and emotional health the driving force of every decision.

In the last 6 years, Ambassadors of Pinkathon have been relentless and unflagging in their efforts to spread this message and build this community from the ground up, in each and every household. Each Ambassador is tasked with starting a running group especially for women, around their place of residence, and dedicating at least one hour per week to a meet up and run session.

In the eight cities of Pinkathon, Ambassadors are doing their bit. It is time to spread the word as far and wide as possible.

Starting this October 21st, and at least on this one day each year, women AND THEIR FAMILIES in more and more cities across India and the world will run together under the banner of Pinkathon. People across the country are invited to nominate themselves as Ambassadors, register their cities, and call for participation. The target this year is 100 cities.
We want 'Har ghar mein Pinkathon'

The time is NOW, the cause is YOU, and together, we will do more!

For all Middle East Countries ( Qatar, Muscat) and Maldives, Pinkathon Day will be celebrated on 19th October 2018.

Know Your Ambassador

All participants who register for the event,
will receive a special Pinkathon day t-shirt and a certificate of participation


If you wish to lead a city as an ambassador, kindly follow the details and fill up the form given below:

Create an event page on Facebook with all details of the event.

Establish a 5 kms route at any centrally located public space.

Ensure a minimum of 30 registrations. All registrations will be done on the Pinkathon Day website


Be responsible for all communication between the City and the Mumbai team.

Help promote Pinkathon Day on all the Digital Platforms.

If you wish to be an ambassador for a city,
that already has an existing ambassador. Kindly contact your current city ambassador

Click to know your city ambassador


Any city can be nominated by an individual, or group of people, willing to take on the role of City
Ambassador. All guidelines will be provided. A member of the Mumbai team will be available at all times
to facilitate information or any other requirement.



Swavalamban was established keeping in view the sorrowful situation of women’s menstrual health, with India having over 72,000 annual deaths due to cervical cancers. It is an initiative to create awareness about women’s health and hygiene, sustainable menstruation practices and lifestyle disease awareness along with self-examination workshops.

The project “Swavalamban” committed towards women’ s hygiene and health will identify, train, educate and empower women from weaker sections who would act as catalysts in bringing behavioural change across all sections of the society that impacts their living conditions & improves their health & wellness.

Swavalamban is looking forward to expanding itself with an objective of reaching 1,00,000 women over the next 5 years with improved mensural health management practices empowering women to lead fitter and healthier lives.

Help us support the cause by contributing your bit!

USF Swavalamban Deck

Swavalamban -Report


Submit Your Story

As the greatest cause is you, we would love to hear your inspirational stories.
Submit your story below.

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All nominations for prizes will be sent to the Mumbai team, by the respective city ambassador

Best slogan

Each city must come up with an inspiring slogan about running, health or
fitness. There will be a prize for best slogan.

Maximum funds raised

Each participant will be encouraged to raise funds, and there will be prizes
for maximum funds raised from an individual and from a city.

Best Event Photo
Best Video
Best blog from a city
Best Ambassador

Based on number of registrations from a city, funds raised and
photos/videos uploaded.

Social Media


  • What is the registration fee?

    The registration fee is Rs. 150 + applicable convenience charges and taxes.

  • What is included in the registration fee?

    All those who register, will receive a special Pinkathon Day t-shirt, a finisher medal and an online certificate of participation.

  • Can I register offline?

    No, the registrations can only be done online.

  • Do I need running shoes?

    It is not mandatory. You can run in any type of footwear that you feel comfortable in, or even barefoot, if that suits you.

  • Whom do I contact if I cannot reach my city ambassador?

    You can write to us on info@pinkathonday.com and a member of our organising team will help you.

  • Can I run in another city if I am in that city on the event day?

    Yes, we do not believe in your location being a barrier to participate!

  • Can my friends and I register together as a group?

    Please register individually, however, we would love for you to participate with your friends!

  • Once registered can I cancel my application and if yes, will I get a refund?

    No. We cannot process refunds for the same. However, you can pass on the registration to a near and dear ones till before 48 hours before the event.

  • Can men participate in the run?

    Yes, participating men from the registered families can run for the Pinkathon Day 2018.

  • Is it a timed run?

    No, it is not a timed run.

  • Is there a prize money?

    There is no prize money, however, there are lots of other exciting prizes up for grabs, for which you can refer to the prizes section.

  • How do I get my participation certificate?

    You can come back to our website after the event and find it here!

  • How and where do I collect the registration kit?

    Please contact your city ambassador for the same.

  • How do I apply for the various prizes listed?

    To apply, please write to us on info@pinkathonday.com.

  • Are you providing t-shirts for the kids too?

    We are providing five sizes of unisex t-shirts XS, S, M, L, XL

  • Does the registration amount of Rs. 150 include the T-shirt and Medal?

    Yes. The amount is inclusive of both the T-shirt, medal and online certificate.

  • Why is the international registration at USD 10?

    The cost of sending the T-shirts, medals and flags is higher to an overseas destination. So, the pricing has been decided on an average basis.

  • Are all international registrations priced at USD 10?

    Yes. All participants residing outside India will have to pay the registration fee of USD 10.